Friday, May 18, 2018
By Tim Kelly

What a Wonderful Session!

With the state of photographic wedding coverage becoming so loose and casual, it's really nice when Modern Brides and their families choose to have a FORMAL STUDIO PORTRAITS made.


Every Bride is entitled to a unique heirloom, an artist made portrait.

A Classic Studio Portrait is a beautiful, high quality way to remember your gown's every detail.

Monday, May 14, 2018
By Tim Kelly

After a very long time, we're back in Winter Park.

 Bebe's Children's Boutique has Kelly Portraits on Display!


It's a pleasure to be back in the premiere children's clothing shop in Winter Park.


To celebrate Mother's Day and the whole month of May, we're offering great savings on Kelly Signature Portraits with a special PROMO CODE that you can only get at the store.


It was 30 years ago when we first began displaying at Bebe's and started doing special portrait events right in the store. Now that those kids have children of their own, it's time to restore the tradition of so many hundreds and hundreds of families – Kelly Portraits!


Locals can stop in all through May 2018 to get the card and promo code. We love doing children and families, christening gowns and mother-baby portraits. There's a time of life that YOU need to capture in a Kelly Portrait right now. So, please call or fill in our contact form with the button below.


Bebe's is located at: 311 South Park Avenue, Winter Park FL 32789
Here are just a few images.





Wednesday, March 21, 2018
By Tim Kelly Studio

Gorgeous Results from a Lifetime Experience!

 Spring Sessions in Studio and On Location 


Here's a look at Liz's portrait session.   Wow, what a great collection.

 Is it time to do yours? 

 Call today  321-363-4367  or fill out our contact page at

Sunday, March 04, 2018
By Tim Kelly

April 6 & 7 Portrait Event



Our good friends, Lenny and Kathy King are the stars of the great Salon Zion in Longwood, Florida.

Master artists of the "hair show experience", they have been helping their clientele look their very best for decades.


For their patrons, they are having Tim and his team bring the portable Kelly studio to their site to create beautiful headshots and more, previewing and ordering on-site. Shooting appointments are a generous twenty minutes, followed by an equivalent viewing time. Entry level package also includes one fully retouched pose with print and a digital file for just $195. (50% off).

Everyone dreams of having an awesome photograph made sometime. This could be your chance to fulfill that secret desire – so do it!

To reserve one of the limited twenty minute appointments, stop by Salon Zion or call Kathy to secure your slot. The basic package includes the session, instant viewing and ordering, and one fully retouched pose with an 8x10 print and a digital file for just $195! (50% off)

You may be able to get an "Artist Session" which is twice as long, has many more images to choose from, and can accommodate multiple subjects. Bring your better half, children, mom, whomever.

If you really want the ultimate portrait experience, the Salon Zion Event includes the opportunity to book a private session at the Tim Kelly Studio, also for a 50% savings. It is only available in April and only sold through April 7th. You can call the Salon or the Studio for Private Signature limited offer.

We look forward to serving you!            407-331-5007   321-363-4367






Saturday, January 27, 2018
By Tim Kelly

We Are So Pleased to Announce That

We Have Completed Our New Studio


Here are some quick views of our new showroom, camera room and dressing room. We'd moved out of our Lake Mary building in August and into the new space that was designed for these front rooms, and now we are done! Kelly Studio also has some outdoor space, a new office and production space as well.

Thank you to all our faithful clients and collectors, and we look forward to meeting new friends and clients! Call, email or go to our contact page today! Contact Kelly Studio  321-363-4367

Soon we will be spotlighting some of the gorgeous new products we've recently introduced.

Click on images for full view.